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Well guys, its here. This is the official launch of the Woven Energy Podcast. Its taken a long time to get here… But here we are!

I am so excited to officially release episode 1

Introducing – The Woven Energy Podcast On Shamanism

This is the episode that covers some of the groundwork. It sets scene on what you can shamanexpect in future episodes, but it also gives you a flavour of the reality of Shamanism.

Shamanism is not about banging a drum and imagining that you are falling down a hole. In fact, its probably one of the most misunderstood practices there is.

This episode goes deep into the realities of Shamanism. The underlying principles. What it’s really all about. As well as the very first thing you need to do to get started.

Shamanism is a nuanced subject. There is no such thing as black or white… This or that… Its experiential, disciplined and can be dangerous.

This is why the mission of this podcast is to bring a complete foundation of Shamanism to you step by step. Every episode will build on the last, one jigsaw piece at a time.

So go ahead, get started and listen to the podcast.

Things covered in this episode

  • Shamanism vs. Religion
  • The difference between Shamanism and Animism
  • Who shamans really are (not recreational drug users)
  • What makes them different from recreational drug users (among other things, discipline)
  • The foundation of Shamanism
  • The effect of agriculture on Shamanism
  • How does a shamanistic people know who their shaman is?
  • The seven stages of becoming a shaman
  • How anybody can achieve the shamanistic state
  • An in-depth look at the first thing you need to do to become a shaman

How to listen to this episode

Stream Right Now

Click here to access the mp3 so you can listen however you want

You can also search for “Woven Energy” in the podcast section of iTunes.

So over to you… Is there anything specific you want us to cover in these podcasts? Leave a comment below.