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Let me guess…

You’ve read or heard a little bit about Animism.

And there is something about what you’ve read that doesn’t quite sit with you.

For me… The concept of Animism never made sense. I have a hard time accepting anything that requires me to believe something that, on the surface, is complete nonsense.

Maybe you’ve read that Animism is ‘The belief that spirits inhabit rocks and trees etc.’

Or even worse… ‘the belief in a supernatural power that organizes and animates the material universe.’

Does this mean it is a religion?

After all, thats what google says… right?

Animism is only a belief system to people who think belief systems are important Click To Tweet – Damon Smith

What is Animism?

Imagine you are a anthropologist. You approach animist societies wanting to find out what they believe. You make the assumption that Animism societies have beliefs to begin with.

We have beliefs so why shouldn’t they?

In fact we place so much emphasis on our beliefs and our belief systems that perhaps… We view other cultures and societies through the lenses of our own cultural baggage.

And here lies the problem.

A fundamental problem in trying to understand what Animism is. Or rather, the natural, ‘no belief necessary’ explanation of what Animism is.

Its not that Animist societies believe in this crazy ‘animism’ thing. Its that on a fundamental level, we asked the wrong questions due to our cultural biases.

All this is covered in the episode.

Things covered in this episode

  • A good look at animistic societies
  • The three main activities of animists
  • How animist societies moved towards pastoral and agricultural societies
  • The effects of religion on animism and why spreading faith and belief among the people kept the powers that be at the top.

We also discuss what Animism actually is.

What it represents as a real phenomena in the real world. You will not need to believe anything and you certainly won’t need to have faith.

Its a real thing… a tangible thing that’s the same thing wherever you find it.

Listen to the episode to find out exactly what Animism is.

At the end of the episode, I ask Damon for one simple piece of solid advice. Advice he could give to people just venturing into the world of Shamanism and Animism so you don’t mess up.

His response is quite simple… profound so stick around to hear it.

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