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Who is Damon?

Why should you listen to Damon if you want to learn Shamanism?

Well, Damons forte is the animal spirits and the animal spirit dance. I know this sounds a little bit ‘woo’. If you havn’t listened yet, check out what the word ‘spirit’ really means.

Shamanism is a huge subject

The aim of this podcast is to show you a little of the tremendous depth and breadth of real Shamanism. The core, the nuance, the subtleties… everything.

The sheer amount of shamanic techniques that exist is verging on infinite. Certainly too much for one person to master in one lifetime.

Damon has experience in many shamanic techniques before settling on the animal spirit dance. In this episode Damon reveals what some of these techniques are and his experience with them.

Things discussed in this episode

  • Michuan and chalicity as shamanic technique. Damons deer story.
  • Onghott and Symbolic spirit animals – the meaning and purpose of the shamans costume
  • Various Rhythmic Spirit Journeys
  • The symbolic death and rebirth through the seven levels. (Travelling to the underworld and the sky)
  • Yijing (I-Ching)
  • xing yi
  • Yanyi
  • Yuan cheng/Si-xiang
  • Earth Breathing
  • Automatic writing/ofudesaki
  • Do-Gon
  • Kotodama and Hitodama
  • Aragyo
  • Sazuke
  • Scapulamancy
  • O-harai
  • Yaoyorozu-no-kami
  • Inari
  • The wild run/The wild hunt
  • Zhaoyin
  • Sacred space and land art

Its important to note here that technique is just that… Technique. We shouldn’t get trapped in technique and miss the core, the seed of what is underneath.

This core is what we aim to put across over the course of these podcast episodes.

Show notes

Here is the video of Paul Andrews free-linking Xing Yi Snake as discussed in the episode.


Click here to view Damon’s commentary-free I-Ching (The Western White Tiger I-Ching)

Moshe Feldenkrais method on movement

Moshe Feldenkrais – Awareness Through Movement

Here are some links to some examples of land art:
Land Art Mongolia
Andy Goldsworthy
Gerry Joe Weise
Sylvain Meyer
Spencer Byles
Muso Soseki

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