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This week i am so excited to bring you another episode on the topic on animism.

We explore none other than the Evenki people of northern Asia. They are a facsinating look at Animism in play.

So we take a lot of the topics we talked about last episode and look at how it applies to the Evenki people.

Everything you hear about shamanism, well... The Evenks have it in abundance Click To Tweet – Damon Smith

There is a lot in this episode specifically on the Evenks and their Shamanism as well.

Animistic peoples are mistreated to the extreme. The Evenks had to endure tremendous hardships at the hands of invaders. It’s especially interesting to see how cunning the Evenks were in evading the Christian forces for as long as possible.

All of this and more is covered in this week’s episode of the Woven Energy podcast on Shamanism

Things covered in this episode

  • A close look at the Evenki people, reindeers, their Shamanism and Animism
  • The word ‘Shaman’ and where it comes from
  • How Animism moves from being a hook into the natural world towards faith and belief
  • Hierarchy and what this means in animistic societies

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