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Welcome to our very first question and answer session here at Woven Energy

This is where we dedicate a whole episode to your questions and get them answered by Damon

Its important for us here at Woven Energy to be inclusive. We want to make sure that everything we put out is relevant to you and your journey into Shamanism.

So, I’m very excited to unveil our first Q and A session. In this episode we explore topics such as:

  • What is “energy work” in Shamanism and what does this mean?
  • The impact of Shamanism on Damon’s life
  • The relationship between thinking and the Shamanic symbolism of the World Tree
  • Can shamans send spirits to hurt people?
  • The role of “initiation ceremonies” in Shamanism and how this is related to ‘The Miasma’
  • Are spirit animals real?
  • Shamanism and visualisation!
  • Some preliminary notes on Buddhism and Shamanism (This will be dealt with in detail in a later podcast)

And my personal favourite

  • Thoughts on Carlos Castaneda and his writings

This is the first session of many to come. We will do more of this type of session in future.

How to listen to this episode

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Do you have any questions for the next session? Leave them in the comments section below.