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Thinking too much. Lets look at the three realms. Nature provides us with a full tapestry of tools or colours to deal with problems that may arise. However, for us as civilised people, we tend to be biased towards one realm above the others. As civilised people, living inside a safety net, we have the opportunity to respond to any given problem on an inappropriate level. Some problems can’t be solved by rational or logical thinking alone. The thing is… Because we are so obsessed with thinking, we see this as normal. Few people experience life outside the lower realm. In fact, this episode follows on very nicely from episode three which is all to do with our imagination. In that episode we talk about how imagination is the biggest barrior to becoming a Shaman, or performing real shamanic technique. How do you know your shamanism is real? Imagination means you are thinking. Thinking means you are using the lower realm. In Shamanism, its important to see and experience the world on all three levels. The mind (receptive realm), the body (the manifest realm) and the spirit (the creative realm) all acting as one.

Travellers among mountains and streams

Fan Kuan knew this bias was at the heart of the problems China faced during his time. His painting, Travellers among Mountains and Streams, depicts this bias in unbelievable style. Not only that, he weaved a message into the painting. This is how we fix our bias and return to how we once were. Towards the end of the podcast Damon talks about the painting and gives an in-depth analysis. You can view the painting here whilst listening to the podcast.

In this episode we discuss…

  • What it means to be biased to the lowerrealm
  • Why we are biased
  • What it means to use all three realms
  • Examples of certain types of problems and what would be an appropriate response
  • How this bias affects relationships
  • Shamanism applied to the business world
  • An exercise you can do to address this bias in your own life
  • A look at Fan Kuan’s painting and the message for humanity hidden inside

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