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What are the three realms?

We see them… everywhere.

Even if we all know them, we might not realise that they actually all represent the same thing…

  • The leaves, the trunk and the roots of Shamanism’s World Tree
  • The upper world, middle world and lower world in the animistic worldview
  • The Topline, Midline and Baseline (the Trigram)
  • The Triskel
  • Heaven, Earth and Hell
  • Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer (The Trimurti)
  • The Mitsudomoe
  • The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit (the Holy Trinity)

And these are just a few. We see these three realms within ancient symbolism, myths and legends from all over the world, and throughout history.

The Three Realms

The three realms are three aspects of the great cycle of nature.The World Tree

They represent nature’s flow of creation, manifestation and completion, which together continuously generate the world we live in.

There is nothing supernatural about them. They are there for everyone to feel and experience if you know what to look for.

We go deep into this in the podcast. Also included is an explanation of a few different ways that the three realms can and do affect you in a very real way.

Shamanism and its foundation, Animism, are fascinating. No matter where you find it, if you look deep enough, it’s all the same.

So it’s easy to get caught up in the different symbols, cultural slants and language we use. Remember, they all represent the same foundation. The same concepts.

Here at Woven Energy, this is reflected by the fact that we swap and change terminology quite often.

In this podcast episode, we use the Mongol terms which are written using Damon’s “write it like you say it” romanisation:

  • Tengre – the upper world
  • Deghil – the middle world
  • Tam – the lower world

We also occasionally make reference to the trigram of Chinese esotericism:

  • Top line – the upper world
  • Mid line – the middle world
  • Baseline – the lower world

We also make brief reference to Japanese esotericism:

  • Takamagahara – the upper world
  • Nakatsukuni – the middle world
  • Yominokuni – the lower world

However, you guessed it. The three realms have many shapes and forms. In this episode we go into a few of them to build a foundation of what the three realms are and how they affect your life.

Things covered in this episode

  • Where we find the three realms
  • Different ways to understand the three realms
  • A simple example of how the three realms can apply
  • The three realms and the spirit journey

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Over to you. Can you think of any other examples of the three realms? Leave a comment below.