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You might think intuition plays a big part in shamanic technique.

Well, there are two different kinds of intuition…

Intuition we get from our hard work, our discipline, our hold on reality and nature.

And Intuition we get from our learned knowledge and experience. AKA… social conditional or what we might call, the miasma.

In the languages of shamanistic peoples, there are usually at least two different words for what we in English call “intuition”, not one. For instance, in Mongol there are the words tzon and sawun.

These words have very different meanings, but we can’t distinguish between them in English because we have only one word, intuition. This is an example of how our language and culture have been engineered to steer us away from Animism and Shamanism and towards exotericism.

Shamanism and Intuition

The role of the shaman is to derive knowledge free from social conditioning. Free from the impulses and judgements we get from our everyday lives.

So how can we tell the difference? How can we be sure our shamanism is real and comes from a place rooted in reality?

Find out on this bite-sized podcast episode.

This is a simple, to the point episode which nicely compliments the main episodes.

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