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Welcome to our second episode on what we call ‘The Miasma’

We take a deeper look at how the Miasma affects us. How it weaves its way into our lives affecting our thoughts, our beliefs and shapes our paradigms.

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A major part of learning shamanism is to recognize the miasma. We need to work on protecting ourselves from it.

It might not seem like it, but understanding the Miasma and how it affects us is absolutely crucial. It is what stands between authentic shamanic technique and your imagination.

In our episode on the first stage of learning shamanism we discuss Chalicity. In many respects, chalicity is your weapon against the Miasma. Learn the effects of the Miasma, and practice your chalicity.

Shed, strip and peel away the layers of cultural baggage and filters that society has built around us. Do this, and you left with a direct connection to nature. To reality! And of course…

Real Shamanism! Shamanism that actually means something. Shamanism as it was used to navigate our way through our ecological niche within nature. Shamanism that was used for survival. Without it… we would not be here.

This mini series of episodes on the miasma is designed for you to recognize the miasma and its effects.

Couple this with the first stage of learning shamanism and you are well on your way to becoming a true shaman.

This won’t be easy. You’ve been subjected to the miasma your whole life no matter who you are. But hey… that’s why you are here. You want the real stuff, the good stuff.


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