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So we want to learn shamanism. Shamanic technique.

We want to make sure our shamanism is real and not delusional.

We want to make sure the knowledge, the understanding, we gain through shamanic technique comes into us from outside. From nature. And not from within us.

So why are we dedicating the next few episodes to what we call ‘the miasma’?

Well the miasma plays a huge part in diluting our connection to nature. It’s a veil. A haze which sits in front of us obscuring truth and convincing us of falseness.

It’s a tool which can be used to leverage control over people. Its effects have tremendous ripples on all of our lives as civilised human beings.

The miasma is a falseness which comes to sit between you and the natural world Click To Tweet – Damon Smith

The concept of the miasma is built into the societies of more animistic peoples. In fact, they have words, many words which describe the different effects of the miasma on us.

In Mongol we have ‘Teeren’

In Japanese we have ‘Ashiki’

In Siberian we have ‘Uha’ and ‘Ehru’

In Aboriginal we have ‘Ilhwa’

In Manchu we have ‘Ehe’

The list goes on and on and on.

It’s just that English, the language of a settled and civilised people is a  bad language for describing shamanism. Or trying to convey a shamanistic/animistic understanding of the world.

Why is this important for learning shamanism

We have to be aware of its effects on us.

Shamanism at its very foundation are a set of techniques used to derive knowledge and understanding directly from nature.

Think of the miasma as a huge mist which hangs in front of you stifling this knowledge. Obscuring it and diluting it. Infecting our perceptions of nature and to the outside world. Colouring our imaginations.

In short, we need to know if our knowledge, our feedback is coming from nature or from the miasma.

The next three episodes are dedicated to the concept of the miasma. The science behind it. How its been used to influence whole cultures and societies.

This is a fascinating and deep look at what underlies the fabric of our civilisation. Its side effects and ultimately our own participation in the destruction of shamanism.

Listeners to this podcast will know our position of the use of psychoactive substances. They are a tool. They require a lot of discipline and experience in shamanic technique without them first.

There is no greater fuel for the miasma than an inexperienced person with a very active imagination taking psychoactive drugs.

Included in this episode is a look at how psychoactive substances work and affect the brain. Its a great look at the how and why behind the use of drugs and genuine shamanic technique.

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