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Welcome to the last episode in our three-part mini-series on the Miasma. We look at ways in which shamans use the chalicity techniques to overcome or mitigate the Miasma. The purpose of this mitigation is to allow shamanic technique to be firmly grounded in reality.

Use these techniques yourself to overcome the effects of the miasma and pursue reality based Shamanism!

Find out how the miasma affects real shamanism in our first episode on the miasma. You can also find our more about shamanism and how the miasma is linked to religion and culture in episode two.

“Members of settled, civilized societies need Chalicity even more than animists do, and yet we are far worse at it than them”

We also take a look at the Salem Witch Trials, one of the most famous and obvious examples of the Miasma at work, examining the ways in which puritanism leveraged religious fictions and the negative effects that a stifling miasmatic society had on on young people in order to abuse, convict and execute innocent people.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • The distinction between Shamanism and Esotericism
  • Background to the next wave of techniques to be introduced (Amsgar)
  • “Recovered memories” and the limbic system
  • How the Miasma affects the writing and perception of history
  • The Miasma and psychological problems
  • The European Witch Hunts
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