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The first stage of learning Shamanism. The foundation. The supporting pillar.

We call it Chalicity. Mongolian Shamans call it ‘Bak Tam Stay Saub’

Your absolute protection against “The Miasma” (Social Conditioning)

Its about learning discipline and developing your hook into the natural world.

You need to be sure that your Shamanism is real or you will end up falling into the trap that 90% of people fall into when learning Shamanism.

The second component of Chalicity

In episode 7 we revealed the first component of Chalicity. Bhatt. If you haven’t listened to this episode yet, you can listen right here.

In this episode we discuss Bhatt a little bit more and then move onto the second component of chalicity. Tor-Shil-Teen.

Whilst Bhatt is about learning discipline, tor-shil-teen is about retaining those child-like, playful characteristics. That experimental quality children have (and wild animals) to the outside world.

Its about gaining that feedback from the natural world, and importantly, learning from it.

It’s so important to test and gain feedback from reality. We need to recognize and dismiss ‘learned’ behaviours that are detrimental to our Shamanism.

This episode has some practical exercises for you so be sure to have a listen.

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